Metal Stamping

Metal & Wire Products Company specializes in short and medium run metal stampings.
Our company offers stampings that are produced to your design and quality specifications.
Our company has presses ranging from 20 to 300 tons with a majority of presses equipped with servo-feeds for increased speeds and closer tolerance accuracy.

We are capable of producing stampings from a wide variety of materials including brass, nickel, aluminum, carbon and stainless steels.

Stamping Capabilities Overview

  • Production capacity in material thicknesses from .015” to .500”.

  • Servo fed presses ranging in tonnage capacity from 20 to 300 tons.

  • Press shut heights ranging from 10” to 30”.

  • Maximum bed size 66” x 84”.

  • On site repair and maintenance facilities for tooling and fixturing.

  • Integrated production facilities allow for design, engineering and quality technical expertise.

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